New Jersey to Paris

IMG 1593 We worked out in the morning. I did 4 rounds of ~430m run and 35 squats. Took 10:18. The rest of the day we took it pretty easy. We finished up a few really last minute things, and walked around downtown Red Bank. There were lots of fancy stores there, but we mostly just looked at the store fronts. We also checked out the Dogma church (from the outside only). Then we had lunch with Sam and Shannon, and packed.

IMG 1606 Our travels began a bit before 5pm, when Sam and Shannon drove us to the train station. We caught the 5pm train at about 5:10, and settled in for the hour to Newark. The train was pretty full, which I guess brings out the conflict in people. There was a woman whose kid cried a bit on occasion (and got slapped for it, occasionally). At one point a crotchety old man yelled for her to “shut the kid up.” Then somebody started arguing with the old man about it, and in the end everything was unhappier for it.

IMG 1609 At the airport we stood in line a lot. First we stood in the pre-line to the actual checkin line. Then we stood in the checkin line. Then the passport check security line. Then the actual security take-of-your-shoes-line. Then another security line where they only checked our bags. Then the line to board the plane. Then the plane had to stand in line to take off. We ended up taking off about 50 minutes late, but the pilots must’ve put the hammer down because we landed right on schedule. We flew Air India, which was more of a cultural experience than I thought it would be. All the signs were in Farsi(?) as well as in English. There was Indian music on the TV. We had Indian food for dinner, which was pretty tasty. Might be the best airplane food I’ve had.

IMG 1613 Getting off and into Paris was pretty painless. The rail and metro system is well signposted, and most people who we need to buy things from speak English. We found our hostel (Hotel le Montclair) pretty easily. After ditching our bags we wandered around the neighborhood for a while. We got a tasty sandwich at a bakery (good bread) and ate it in a park. Bakeries, stores that sell fruit, and stores that sell other miscellanea are everywhere. It’s a nice change from just having the occasional supermarket that you see in most US cities.

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