Virtual WA Airport Tour Part 2

I spent some more time coming up with an optimal route that visits every airport in WA. It just didn’t sit right that it was so easily to manually improve it. My code now first uses the LKH software which quickly gets a good starting point. Then it attempts to improve that route by moving, optionally reversing, sequences of up to 5 airports to other places in the route.

Virtual WA Airport Tour

I occasionally dabble with flight simulators. Since I own X-Plane 11 with the OrbX TrueEarth Washington scenery, I thought it’d be fun to visit every airport in the state. I started with this list from Wikipedia, which I manually annotated with longitude/latitude from skyvector. Then I spent some time figuring out how to even start plotting a route. At first I was led astray by the mlrose python library.


The SARS-CoV-2 virus is sweeping across the world, causing the COVID-19 disease everywhere. I made a page to graph what’s going on in each country, for easy side-by-side comparison. Check it out at