April 28-29, 2017

IMG 1911 Tupiza was a little break for us, to recover from our desert tour, and to take a breath, literally. At around 3,000 meters Tupiza is the lowest we’d been in 10 days or so, and it was wonderful to be able to walk and talk again, or make it up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath.

IMG 1956 Tupiza is surrounded by some pretty amazing cliffs and canyons, and we visited most of the usual tourist spots. The first day we took a 5-hour tour on horseback (actual time in the saddle, probably a little over 3 hours). It’s the first time I’d been in control of a horse myself, and it was a fun challenge. I’m sure they didn’t put us on difficult to manage horses, but on occasion our horses decided they both wanted to be first, and would start to take off on a trot. The most exciting time was when my horse decided to pass Danielle’s horse while we were navigating a pretty steep hill.

IMG 1986 In any case, the scenery was great. Lots of neat formations and narrow canyons made from conglomerate rock. Some were red, some were black. Layers were often vertical. Geology. The next day we did another half day tour, this one by jeep, to visit a few further away places. It was a little bit more of the same, but a little bit different as well. Most memorable was the confluence of two rivers, nearby a nice pinnacle.

P1130209 We also went to a traveling circus. I don’t know how long it was in town for, but we took advantage. The show did not include any animals, and was quite good. It started with a pretty weak dance number, but everything after that was entertaining, impressive, or both. My favorite bit was probably the act in the picture above. The clowns also got me to laugh despite not being able to understand most of what they said.

After our two days in Tupiza, we took a bus to Tarija, which was our proper relaxing destination.

Tupiza pictures

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