Sucre again

April 19-20, 2017

IMG 1167 We got back to Sucre in the afternoon, and took care of some business. First we dropped off some laundry, and second I finally got a haircut. I’d been needing one for a while, and this seemed like a good time. I wandered around downtown in an area where I was sure I’d seen a hairdresser before. I found one. Judging by the pictures it was a women’s place, but there was an empty chair and I figure they’d just turn me down if they couldn’t help me. They didn’t turn me down, and apparently I was quite the novelty because another hairdresser stood next to me while I was getting my hair cut. Usually I cut my hair myself using clippers, but they didn’t have clippers. So she used scissors to do mostly the same thing. But between my lack of Spanish and my general inability to tell people how I like my hair, I ended up with the hair short on the sides and pretty long on the top. (She did do a round of shortening on the top, but it still was not what I would have done.) One issue seems to be that she asked me how much I wanted taken off, whereas I think of my hair in terms of how much I want left when everything is done. In any case, I said thank you and paid. When I comb my hair normally it doesn’t look bad. I might still hit up a barber shop with clippers, though.

IMG 1175 The next day we felt mostly recuperated from our trek, and finally saw some Sucre sights! In one day we visited the Casa Libertad, where the Bolivian declaration of independence was signed, a convent, an ex-monastery, and a museum dealing with mining and minerals of Bolivia. None of these sights were amazing, but I’m glad we saw at least some of what Sucre has to offer.

The day after that we got on the bus to Potosí.

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