April 1-2, 2017

P1120933 Puno is a small town on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca. The main reason to stop there is that we took an overnight bus to get there, and the prospect of continuing onto Copacabana for another 4 hours did not appeal. We actually ended up at a really nice hotel (Suite Indepenencia), where Peru Hop got us a discount that changed the price from 70 USD to 70 soles, which was a good deal.

IMG 0557 The main tourist attraction in Puno is visiting the floating islands, which we did. The islands consist mostly of reeds, which need to be refreshed constantly. New layers of reeds are added to the top, as the bottom ones slowly rot. The islands are anchored in the mud below to keep them from floating away. It was neat to see this and walk on the islands, but the tour was pretty focused around buying things. We bought the optional trip on the authentic reed boat, which was pushed by a dinghy with an outboard motor.

IMG 0572 We were only in Puno for one day, and we spent most of that catching up on sleep that we missed due to being on an overnight bus. Next day we took the bus across the border into Bolivia and Copacabana. It was another pretty ride. The border crossing went smoothly. At the border we walked across, and continued on with a new bus and guide. From there it was just 10 more minutes into Copacabana.

Puno pictures

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