The Next Step

You just finished you’re first triathlon! What are you going to do next?

I’m not sure. After my initial somewhat negative feelings about Sunday’s experience, I seem to be changing my mind a bit. I’m still reading tri blogs. Still thinking about different training strategies, and I’m curious how much better I could do on my next tri. And there’s still the question about how I might do in an open water swim. I also mostly enjoyed my run and bike training. I’m not ruling out the possibility that some day I may actually enjoy doing laps in a pool.

On the other hand, right now I don’t enjoy swimming and I haven’t been hiking in quite a hile. I’d like to start doing that again and take more weekend trips as well. I’m planning to learn to surf this year (or at least get to the point where I can stand up fairly consistently). I’m not sure if I can manage all that and still train for a triathlon. I may just settle for doing a longer bike ride. I’ve been wanting to do a century for a while now. Perhaps this can be the year.

It’s all moot for the next month, because April will be a month to focus on my back. The only exercise I’m doing is yoga twice a week (because I think it’s good for my back) and bike twice a week (because I love to do it). I had X rays this morning, and got a referral for a different physical therapist. Let’s hope he fixes me right up.

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