This morning I got up kind of early (although not as early as Danielle, who ran Roses to la Playa this morning) to get in a yoga work-out before we leave to go camping this weekend. Right at the start I noticed my lower back was incredibly tight. Initially I had trouble just touching my knees, let alone my toes. So I slowly warmed up to the point where it seemed “OK” although still not as flexible as I usually am. (I’m never very flexible, although I can touch my toes when warmed up. I think of myself as Ikea furniture. You can put me in different configurations, but it takes some work.) Going through the practice went OK with just a tiny bit of back pain, I even sort of managed half moon. But when I got up at the end, I knew I’d made a mistake. My back hurts just like it used to, which is pretty bad. I take small steps when I walk, and sitting down is a big deal.

So there go my weekend plans, and in my mind my triathlon plans as well. What’s best for me is probably to stop training altogether until I really have this back thing under control. I thought it was under control, only bothering me occasionally, but clearly it isn’t. I don’t really mind not training. I had kind of decided to do something else after the tri anyway. Training just isn’t satisfying enough for me. I’d rather explore some of nature’s beauty that’s all around me where I live, and within driving distance. But I committed to do this race, and I want to not suck at it, and that requires training. I will probably try to talk to my physical therapist (who I haven’t talked to in months) on Monday, and see what she says. Almost no matter what I will do the race. Even if I end up not being shape, I know I can finish. I paid for it, I might as well get that experience so I know what I’m missing if I decide to not do another one. After that, my new #1 priority will be to get my back fixed. I’m not sure what that involves, but right now I spend several hours a week training. That time can probably be spent stretching, icing, or who knows what else.

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