I seem to be getting a lot better at running. I’ve been measuring my heart rate after each run (by timing how long 40 beats take), and it’s been about 160-something bpm after every run. Then just over a week ago I measured 139 bpm. I figured that couldn’t be right. But then after last Sunday’s run it was 149 bpm, and after Friday’s it was 145 bpm. On top of that my running’s been feeling better, and I’ve been going a bit longer. (On Friday I ran 4.1 miles.)

Then this morning I watched the Total Immersion DVD some before swimming, and I actually ended up doing 11 minutes of drills before my main swim. (I don’t like doing drills. It’s just not satisfying.) I just did the very basic sweet spot and fish drills. Then in my main swim, I was doing 1:20 50-yds which is fast for me. Usually I start out like that but then slow down to 1:30s. But I managed to stick with it. Mainly TI’s “switch” really helped me. To top it all off I did the last 50 yards in under a minute.

Bring on the triathlon.

Except for that whole ocean swim, and I’m not in very good biking shape yet. But the swim concerns me the most.

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