A Watch That Talks

My old watch drowned a few weeks ago. It was a cheap Casio with 3 buttons, an alarm, a stop watch, and it knew what day of the week it was. Since I like gadgets, and I expect watches to last a long time, I paid a little extra for a little fancier watch. My new watch can do everything the old watch can, but it is larger, has 2 more buttons, 2 more alarms, a stop watch that can remember lots of lap times, and a fancy interval timer. The black wrist band has lots of vent holes, making it look like it is surgically grafted to my skin. The face is surrounded by what looks like brushed aluminum. But the watch’s most intriguing feature is that it talks to me.

On the face of the watch, there are 3 things highlighted in dayglo orange. Near the bottom it says “WR 100M.” Then at the top it says “TIMEX.” Finally, in much larger print, there is a fat M with a dot on top of it. When looking at the watch for longer than a split second, my eyes are always drawn to this logo, and the watch says: “IRONMAN.”

I’ve never done a triathlon. My longest swim is 0.62 miles. My longest bike ride is 24 miles. My longest run is 6 miles (taking walking breaks). If I did all of those on one day, that would be be just over a fifth of an ironman. Still, there’s no denying that this watch is talking to me. Watch this space…

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