COVID-19 Deaths and Wealth



Each circle represents a single country. The bigger the circle, the more people live in that country. The further to the right a circle is, the richer that country is. The further to the top a circle is, the more people have died from COVID-19. The position of the circle is corrected for the population on the country.

You can mouse-over or tap on a circle to see some details about the country. You can click-drag or tap-drag to draw a box and zoom in.


The countries who are getting the worst value for money are the ones that are at the top right of the graph: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, USA, and Ireland. I'm not sure how complete the death numbers are in poor countries, but among countries with more than $50k GDP/capita, the ones that are getting great value for their money are New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Taiwain. These are all either islands or have closed land borders. I don't know if that's significant, but it does appear that countries with borders that are easily closed do better.


Data SetFetched On
WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19)4/7/2023, 12:16:04 AM
Gapminder GDP per capita3/23/2023, 12:16:06 AM
Population figures for countries (datahub)4/7/2023, 12:16:08 AM