Friday July 11, I drove straight from work to Tone's house. We had a tasty dinner of egg burritos and started driving north on the 101 at around 5:20. Pretty soon we encountered some very slow traffic, which lasted until we finally passed an accident a little north of the tunnel. We arrived at Millerton recreational area a little before 11pm. Tone had called earlier that week and been told that getting a camp site wouldn't be a problem.

Catalina Island

To celebrate the end of the school year, Danielle organised a weekend trip to Catalina Island. The plan called for leaving Santa Barbara at 4:15pm, Friday June 13. Morgan and Shane picked us up in Shane's van, and at about 4:20 we were on the road to LA. We hoped to get to San Pedro by 6:45pm to catch the 7:20pm boat to Catalina. Traffic was heavier than usual and on the 405 it looked like we might miss the boat.

Sierra National Forest

For her birthday, Danielle asked me to take her camping the following weekend. Pretty much at random I picked a campground from ReserveUSA.com: Chilkoot (also spelled Chilcoot and Chilikoot) near Bass Lake. MapQuest told us it was a little over 300 miles, and we'd get to the 5 by way of the 126. That takes us fairly close to the closest REI so, on Saturday May 22 '03, we drove south.