Telescope Peak

I've been wanting to go up Telescope Peak for a while. On a clear day you can see both the highest and the lowest point in the continental US from the top. During the week I finally decided to just do it. Our trip began on Saturday, July 31, 2004. After a morning of fairly leisurely packing and pancake eating, Danielle and I started off at about 11:30am. A quick gas stop in Ventura later (Seaward Ave

Catalina Island

The annual trip to Catalina was organized by Morgan this year. The group consisted of Morgan, Ryan, Anton, James, Gwen, Danielle, and me. We left SB just a little after 4, and only barely made the ferry at 7:40. We stayed at the Hermosa Hotel again, which is still cheap, and still a good place to sleep. No scuba this year. Instead it was all snorkeling. I used my semi-prescription mask for the first time, and that made things a lot more fun.

Washington State

Danielle's spring break snuck up on us, so we didn't plan anything until 3 weeks before it happened. We wanted to use my frequent flyer miles plus free ticket to go somewhere, and North Carolina sounded nice. Unfortunately the cheap (25k miles) frequent flyer seats to there were full. After trying a number of destinations it seemed Seattle was the only place we could fly for free, so that's where we went.