15th Annual Ojai's Classic Heart & Sole: 10k race

I just finished my first 10k (and second race) at the 15th Annual Ojai's Classic Heart & Sole. Danielle and I got up at 6:30, and out the door just before 7. We easily found a parking spot close by. We comfortably picked up our stuff, used the restrooms, and warmed up just a little and stretched. We lined up near the back since our main goal was just to finish.


It was time for our annual summer vacation. Like last year we decided to drive towards Portland, but unlike last year we decided we were going to make it. The reason to go to Portland is that we're thinking of moving there some day, but neither of us have actually been there. So on Saturday August 7, 2004, we got up kind of early and headed north on the 101, to meet up with Ron and