The Entry That Almost Wasn't

This blog entry almost didn't get written. A few weeks ago I decided it'd be fun to have a blog. I've been reading a lot of them (most the ones linked by Tri-Geek Dreams) and the idea appeals to me. Plus, I figured it'd improve my writing some, and it would give me something to read a few years from now, to see what I was like. But it's really hard to keep it up.


Being sick can really mess with your training plan. Yesterday an upset stomach kept me in bed or in front of the TV for most of the day. Yesterday was my run day, which I really can't skip. When you're only running once a week, skipping that one run means skipping 100% of work-outs. Lucky for me, I was only sick for one day, and I managed to make up yesterday's run this afternoon.

Biking Safely

An friend pointed me to a site with some very graphic pictures (really, don't click if you have a weak stomach), telling me to be sure to wear a helmet when I bike. I always wear a helmet, but it got me thinking about one of my pet peeves. When I'm out on the street around here, I see a lot of people on bicycles. That's good, I think the bicycle is an underused vehicle in the United States.