Water Everywhere

After every swim, my nose is running for the next twelve hours. I'm not sure how, but my sinus system gets cleaned with chlorine every time. When I get out of the pool I even have a little trouble keeping my balance. Maybe the water gets in through my ears, in which case a cap might help. But nobody else swims with a cap, so maybe I'm doing something wrong.


I seem to be getting a lot better at running. I've been measuring my heart rate after each run (by timing how long 40 beats take), and it's been about 160-something bpm after every run. Then just over a week ago I measured 139 bpm. I figured that couldn't be right. But then after last Sunday's run it was 149 bpm, and after Friday's it was 145 bpm. On top of that my running's been feeling better, and I've been going a bit longer.

Ocean Swim

I had this all written up, and then Firefox crashed. Anyway, I went for an ocean swim yesterday. Here are the highlights: My wetsuit works. Swimming in the ocean sucks. It's cold, there's waves hitting you high, while rocks take you low. To top it off the water tastes even worse than pool water.