Typed up: at Vijay's Guest House in Bikaner, on Amritsar-Chandigarh bus Posted from: Internet cafe in Mussoori We took a sleeper train from Delhi to Bikaner, AC 3rd class (A3 or AC3). There were no closed compartments inside the carriage. Instead on one side there were 2 fixed beds on top of each other against the window, then an aisle. On the other side of an aisle there were floor-to-ceiling dividers with 3 beds attached to each one on both sides.

Delhi Friends

Typed up: East West Medical Center in Delhi Posted from: Vijay's Guesthouse in Bikaner We returned to Delhi to spend the weekend with my friend Abhijit, his partner Hassath and her daughter Amu. We were hassled big-time as we walked over to the prepaid tuk-tuk stand, but just keeping on walking and smiling and saying no got us there without any trouble. We stayed at the Vivek Hotel for one night, before taking a long cab ride to Abhijit's apartment.


Typed up: East West Medical Center in Delhi Posted from: Hotel Vivek in Delhi From Bharatpur we took a train to Sawai Madhopur. It was our first 2nd-class train ride in India, and really the facilities were fine. The only problem was that we had a middle+aisle seat, while the woman in the window seat had two small children with her, who didn't have tickets.