More pictures than most will care to see will be up here. I’ll keep that pretty updated, so check back if you care for that kind of thing.

Las Vegas!

March 1, 2017 To get to Lima, the cheap flight is: Seattle -> Las Vegas -> Mexico City -> Lima. This could have been accomplished in 24 hours, but instead we decided to take it a bit easier and spend a bit over 20 in hours in Las Vegas. (Sitting here feeling tired in Mexico City, I’m not sure how effective that really was.) In any case, it afforded is a pretty leisurely start of our trip.

Getting ready for another trip!

I’m reviving my blog because we’re going traveling again! Our plan is to spend March in Peru, April in Bolivia, and May in Colombia. We don’t have many commitments yet, so that could still change a lot. The blog is using Jekyll now instead of Wordpress. I have nothing against Wordpress, but I just wasn’t staying on top of security updates. With Jekyll I don’t have to because it just generates static sites.