Sierra National Forest

For her birthday, Danielle asked me to take her camping the following weekend. Pretty much at random I picked a campground from Chilkoot (also spelled Chilcoot and Chilikoot) near Bass Lake. MapQuest told us it was a little over 300 miles, and we'd get to the 5 by way of the 126. That takes us fairly close to the closest REI so, on Saturday May 22 '03, we drove south.


Last Christmas Danielle and I took a bump to get free plane tickets. Not too long after that we turned them into round trip tickets to Denver for the duration of Danielle's spring break. Since it was spring break, we wanted to sort of stay away from the standard drunk college student destinations. We had considered visiting Jane in Michigan, but decided it'd still be too cold. Naturally we got a little nervous about the weather when, the week before spring break, we heard about Denver being hit by an enormous blizzard.