This morning I got up kind of early (although not as early as Danielle, who ran Roses to la Playa this morning) to get in a yoga work-out before we leave to go camping this weekend. Right at the start I noticed my lower back was incredibly tight. Initially I had trouble just touching my knees, let alone my toes. So I slowly warmed up to the point where it seemed "


I use several image manipulation programs on a regular basis (Bibble, Picture Window, Gimp) and none of them have the user interface for rotating that I want. When I rotate a picture it is 98% of the time because I'm trying to get the horizon horizontal. I just want to draw a line where I see the horizon, and have the program figure out what rotation is required to make that line horizontal (or vertical).


On Wednesday night I had an awesome bike ride home. I ended up working a bit late, so it was completely dark when I left. Getting out of Santa Barbara, was its usual self (which isn't bad), but past Montecito I had an amazing moment. Chilly evening air rushing past me, the sky is clear and the stars are out, and I'm peddling easily over smooth and even blacktop. That's what bicycling is all about.