Getting Ready

Two more days to the tri... I skipped out on last night's bike ride because my back was acting up a bit. Today and tomorrow are my scheduled days of rest. Nothing to do but stay well hydrated. I use my watch to help me here. I get the interval timer to beep every 20 minutes, which is my reminder to drink. Tomorrow I also need to wash my bike, get ready all the stuff for transition, pick up my packet.

Open Water Swim

Today I finally did another ocean swim. I've been wanting to do one for a while, but it's been raining most weekends. There have been dry spells, but since it rains so infrequently around here, rain tends to wash a lot of oil and pesticides into the water. With barely any rain in the last 3 days, I figured today would be OK. Since a great white shark was sighted in the area last week, Danielle and I drove to Santa Barbara to go swimming there.

DVD Rentals

DVD content is a lot better than VHS content. The sound and video are higher quality, they can contain interesting extras, and you can easily skip around. But they scratch easily, and once a scratch gets bad enough it's impossible to play the area of the DVD that's scratched. I can work around that problem for my personal DVDs by being careful with them. Rental DVDs, on the other hand, often are already scratched so badly that they won't play the entire movie without problems.