April 28-29, 2017 Tupiza was a little break for us, to recover from our desert tour, and to take a breath, literally. At around 3,000 meters Tupiza is the lowest we’d been in 10 days or so, and it was wonderful to be able to walk and talk again, or make it up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. Tupiza is surrounded by some pretty amazing cliffs and canyons, and we visited most of the usual tourist spots.

High Desert

April 23-27, 2017 From Potosí we took a beautiful bus ride “down” to Uyuni. Down is in quotes because it really wasn’t that far down. Uyuni is a small dusty town, with really nothing to recommend it except that it’s close to the salt flats that carry the same name. We spent a few hours visiting tour operators and ATMs trying to find a tour that would end up in Tupiza.


April 21-22, 2017 Our bus ride to Potosí was uneventful. Potosí is a small town that calls itself the highest city in the world. It’s located 4,090 meters (13,420 feet) above sea level. We don’t sleep well at that altitude, but our stay would be brief. Potosí used to be home to the most prolific silver mine in the world, and the Spanish milked it for all they could.