March 9-10, 2017 Huacachina looks like what you get when you ask a child to draw an oasis, but you make the sand dunes taller and add restaurants and hotels all the way around the water in the center. It’s amazingly surreal. The dunes are 100s of meters tall, and as a result the main activities are dune buggy tours and sand boarding. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well, so while Danielle went off to do those awesome things, I laid down in our hotel room, which did have a view of the sand dunes, and also air conditioning.


March 6-9, 2017 Our bus took a few stops between Lima and Paracas. We’re taking the Peru Hop bus, which is a hop-on hop-off bus that connects most major tourist destinations in Peru. That also means they stop at some scenic spots on the way, to break up long rides or simply show something noteworthy. Aside from the viewpoint stop I mentioned in the last post, we stopped at a brick-and-clay wood-fired bakery for a light lunch.


March 3-6, 2017 After a well-deserved nap, we headed into the busy Lima streets. We stayed at the 1900 Hostel, which is near Lima’s old center and government buildings. We could see Peru’s equivalent of the Smithsonian simply by stepping out the front door. We walked around the block looking for food, and quickly found some amazing ceviche. Ceviche is basically raw seafood in lemon juice(?